Programm erster Tag

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Vorläufiges Programm:

09:00 Registrierung
10:00 Begrüßung Hartmut Schmeck (KIT)
Alexander Tettenborn (BMWi)
10:15 Keynote 1:
Decentralized provision of active power by means of dynamic virtual power plants
Michael Sonnenschein
11:00 Kaffeepause
11:15 Session 1: Distributed Energy Sources and Storage
11:15 SWARM – Increasing Households Internal PV Consumption and Offering Primary Control Power with Distributed Batteries David Steber, Peter Bazan und Reinhard German
11:40 Hierarchical Simulation of the German Energy System and Houses with PV and Storage Systems Peter Bazan, Marco Pruckner, David Steber und Reinhard German
12:05 Energy Service Description for Capabilities of Distributed Energy Resources Tim Dethlefs, Christoph Brunner, Thomas Preisler, Oliver Renke, Wolfgang Renz und Andrea Schröder
12:30 Impact of Power-to-Gas on Cascading Failures in Interdependent Electric and Gas Networks Andrea Antenucci, Bing Li und Giovanni Sansavini
12:55 Mittagessen
14:15 Session 2: Smart Meters and Monitoring
14:15 The RASSA Initiative – Defining a Reference Architecture for Secure Smart Grids in Austria Marcus Meisel, Angela Berger, Lucie Langer, Markus Litzlbauer and Georg Kienesberger
14:40 NoFaRe: A Non-intrusive Facility Resource Monitoring System Matthias Kahl, Christoph Goebel, Anwar Ul Haq und Hans-Arno Jacobsen
15:05 The Effect of Data Granularity on Load Data Compression Andreas Unterweger, Dominik Engel und Martin Ringwelski
15:30 Flashlight Talks of Doctoral Students
15:55 Poster Session I und Kaffeepause
16:45 Session 3: Research Lab Infrastructures
16:45 A Concept for the Control, Monitoring and Visualization Center in Energy Lab 2.0 Clemens Düpmeier, Karl-Uwe Stucky, Ralf Mikut und Veit Hagenmeyer
17:10 Building Energy Management in the FZI House of Living Labs Birger Becker, Fabian Kern, Manuel Loesch, Ingo Mauser und Hartmut Schmeck
19:00 Abendessen in der Palazzo Halle (Social Event)