1. Poster-Session (Doktoranden)

Tag 1, ca. 15.30 Uhr

Building Power Demand Forecasting, Oleg Valgaev

Adaptive Models and Architectures for Short-term Forecasting in Energy Management, Markus Voß

SG-Rating – Putting values on Smart Grid architectures, Marie van Amelsfort

Load flexibility in an industrial setting: Energy-aware test rig scheduling in the automotive industry, Fabian Kern

Towards Composition Principles and Fractal Architectures in the Context of Smart Grids, Denis Bytschkow

Towards a Rapid Prototyping and Design Framework integrating Multi-Functional Storage

Systems into Power Distribution Grids, Claudia Zanabria

Modeling of Battery Life Optimal Charging Strategies Based on Empirical Mobility Data, Jennifer Schoch

Towards Grid-responsive Commercial Facilities: Software Architecture & Optimization, Manuel Loesch

Distributed control of interconnected micro-grids under user uncertainty and attack, Kaveh Paridari

2. Poster-Session (Hauptkonferenz)

Tag 2, ca. 10.10 Uhr

IoT Fieldbus for Micro-Grid Control and Local Energy Management Based on IEEE Std. 802.15.4, Moritz Loske, Matthias Klatt and Andreas Oeder

Combining Cooling Technology and Facility Design to Improve HPC Data Center Energy Efficiency, Eric Zhang

Towards Generic Domain Reference Designation: How to learn from Smart Grid Interoperability, Mathias Uslar and Dominik Engel

Simple Load Disaggregation Approach based on Metaheuristic Optimization, Dominik Egarter and Wilfried Elmenreich

Household Classification Using Annual Electricity Consumption Data, Konstantin Hopf, Mariya Sodenkamp, Ilya Kozlovskiy and Thorsten Staake